Heartcatch Precure!

Heartcatch Precure!
  • Summary:

    Watch Heartcatch Precure! full episodes online English sub. Other tiles Synonyms: Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Synopsis: 2nd year middle school student Tsubomi Hanasaki has just moved with her family to the town of Kibougahana to live with her grandma. She is shy and introverted, but is determined to start off her new school life at Myoudou Academy as confidently as possible. Lately she has been having the same mysterious dream again and again, of Cure Moonlight’s defeat at the Great Heart Tree. She wonders what it all means. Then suddenly, two fairies from the dream appear to her, and before she knows it, she is transformed into the legendary Pretty Cure, Cure Blossom! Later joined by her high energy classmate and new friend Erika Kurumi as Cure Marine, the two girls vow work hard to protect everyone’s Heart Flowers from the evil gang, The Desert Messengers.
    More info: Myanimelist, Wikipedia

  • Genres: FantasyKidsMagicShoujo
  • Release: 2010
  • Type: SERIES
  • Status: Completed
Heartcatch Precure! Episode List:
Heartcatch Precure!-episode-1- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-2- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-3- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-4- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-5- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-6- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-7- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-8- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-9- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-10- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-11- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-12- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-13- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-14- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-15- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-16- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-17- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-18- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-19- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-20- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-21- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-22- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-23- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-24- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-25- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-26- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-27- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-28- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-29- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-30- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-31- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-32- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-33- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-34- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-35- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-36- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-37- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-38- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-39- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-40- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-41- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-42- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-43- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-44- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-45- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-46- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-47- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-48- Heartcatch Precure!-episode-49-

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